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There is a wealth of information on the Internet designed to assist family members and caregivers of older adults.

Alzheimer’s Association CareFinder
This site provides assistance to those caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease find good care in their community.

Website: http://www.alz.org/

Caregiver Action Network
The site offers a virtual library of information and educational materials for family caregivers.

Website: http://caregiveraction.org/family-caregiver-toolbox

Family Caregiver Alliance
The site contains a wide array of publications and services based on caregiver needs, including a Family Care Navigator.

Website: http://www.caregiver.org

National Alliance for Caregiving
The site contains publications and resources for caregivers, including the Family Care Resource Connection, where you can find reviews and ratings on over 1,000 books, videos, Web sites, and other materials on caregiving.

Website: http://www.caregiving.org